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n.1.(Her.) A ring surrounding a bugle or hunting horn.
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Nessa conjuntura onde as mulheres agricultoras estao, de certa forma, em constante busca por reconhecimento dos seus direitos e da importancia das suas funcoes para a reprodutibilidade e sustentabilidade de suas familias, esta pesquisa teve como objetivo analisar o papel das mulheres no Projeto de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel--PDS Virola Jatoba, municipio de Anapu-Para, sua importancia e representatividade nas atividades produtivas, economicas e sociais, e descrever como esta se dando a busca pela ascensao feminina atraves do associativismo.
Romulo Virola, then secretary general of the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), said the 'feeble' performance was not unexpected - except for the first quarter, growth had been below the government's target of 4.
Sundial Brands LLC has introduced SheaMoisture Jojoba & Ucuuba Butter Protective Styling Collection, a new hair care line that capitalizes on the soothing and hydrating properties of ucuuba butter, processed from the seeds of Virola surinamensis, a flowering tree found in the Amazonian region that also goes by the names baboonwood and wild nutmeg.
Romulo Virola once told me that our own estimation methodology was considered among the best approaches around, that other countries have in fact copied it.
work across Virola canal near village Mekhadi in Mangrol Taluka of Junagadh District.
C, Virola surinamensis (Rolander) Warb, Simarouba amara Aubl, Qualea rosea Aubl (Ruelle, Beauchenea, Thibauta and Thibauta, 2007); C.
Por ejemplo, entre las especies con mayor IVI en los morichales de San Martin (Meta) solo se comparte con el rio Pauto Mauritia flexuosa, Maquira coriacea y Virola surinamensis (Caro 2006).
Lo que si es realidad es que, unida a historietas como La vida de Jesus y Virola y Piolita, nacieron del universo del caricaturista hidalguense Gabriel Vargas Bernal.
Other DMT containing preparations, delivered as snuffs and smoked, such as Virola and Cohoba, have been used in Middle America, and Caribbean and Amazonian shamanic cultures for centuries and continue to this day.
Transect Species Foraging Refuge # Trees # Trees Ref 1 Bellucia grossularioides 5 4 Eugenia jambos 5 0 Guatteria recurvisepala 5 0 Inga alba 5 2 Mauritia flexuosa 2 4 Pseudolmedia laevis 5 0 Rollinia edulis 4 2 Ref 2 Alchornea triplinervia 0 3 Bellucia grossularioides 3 0 Eugenia jambos 3 0 Inga alba 3 2 Inga edulis 4 0 Mauritia flexuosa 3 3 Pseudolmedia laevis 1 3 Virola sebifera 0 2 CH 1 Alchornea triplinervia 0 4 Bellucia grossularioides 5 3 Casearia javitensis 2 0 Eugenia jambos 5 3 Guatteria recurvisepala 2 2 Inga alba 5 0 Mauritia flexuosa 4 3 Pseudolmedia laevis 3 3 CH 2 Bellucia grossularioides 4 0 Inga alba 3 1 Inga edulis 5 0 Mauritia flexuosa 2 3 Pseudolmedia laevis 2 2 Virola sebifera 0 5 Xylopia aromatica 3 0 Zygia basijuga 3 0 Ref: Reforma; CH: Campo Hermoso
Flavonoids and lignans from Virola surinamensis twigs and their in vitro activity against Trypanosoma cruzi.