Vitis labrusca

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Noun1.Vitis labrusca - native grape of northeastern United StatesVitis labrusca - native grape of northeastern United States; origin of many cultivated varieties e.g. Concord grapes
fox grape - purplish-black wild grape of the eastern United States with tough skins that slip easily from the flesh; cultivated in many varieties
genus Vitis, Vitis - the type genus of the family Vitaceae; woody vines with simple leaves and small flowers; includes a wide variety of grapes
grape vine, grapevine, grape - any of numerous woody vines of genus Vitis bearing clusters of edible berries
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This snob effect can also be thought of in an alternative sense, that consumers prefer grapes made from Vitis Vinifera, or traditional winemaking grapes, rather than grapes that have not been used for commercial winemaking until recent years, such as Vitis Labrusca, Vitis Aestivalis, Vitis Riparia, and other hybrid varieties produced at universities worldwide.
Whether it comes from vitis labrusca or vitis vinifera grapes, kosher wine is a challenge to make.
According to Mino Valdes and Herrera (2007), the increase in grape growing was one of alternatives, using Vitis labrusca varieties that were better adapted to the soil and climate of the province as Niagara Rosada (NR) and Isabella Tinto (IT) among others.