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Noun1.Viverridae - genetsViverridae - genets; civets; mongooses    
mammal family - a family of mammals
Carnivora, order Carnivora - cats; lions; tigers; panthers; dogs; wolves; jackals; bears; raccoons; skunks; and members of the suborder Pinnipedia
viverrine, viverrine mammal - small cat-like predatory mammals of warmer parts of the Old World
civet, civet cat - cat-like mammal typically secreting musk used in perfumes
genus Viverra, Viverra - type genus of the family Viverridae
genus Viverricula, Viverricula - a genus of Viverridae
Cryptoprocta, genus Cryptoprocta - large primitive cat-like carnivores inhabiting forests of Madagascar
genus Fossa, Fossa - monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets
genus Hemigalus, Hemigalus - banded palm civets
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Civets belong to the Viverridae family and are arboreal creatures ( tree climbers) who often find shelter in air conditioner ducts, attics, false ceilings," said Kartick Satyanarayan of Wildlife SOS.
According to Weber, the coffee in Icons is carefully selected from the Asian Civet cat, a special Viverridae specie, which only eats the fruit pulp of the best and ripest coffee berries.
Viverridae (Carni- vorous quadruped between fox and weasel in size and looks.