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n.1.The quality or state of being vocal; utterableness; resonance; as, the vocality of the letters.
2.The quality of being a vowel; vocalic character.
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The talent scouts will have noted his superb shot-stopping ability, the excellent vocality for one so young during games and the manner in which he commands his area.
Julie Robson is an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University, with research foci in female vocality, creative learning and arts-led research.
287) Timothy Zick, Summum, The Vocality of Public Places, and the Public Forum, 2010 BYU L.
Thuraya has entered into a deal with Vocality to supply Vocality solutions through its global network of service partners serving commercial and defense mobile satellite communications markets.
The new agreement enables Thuraya to provide Vocality solutions through its global network of Service Partners serving commercial and defense mobile satellite communications markets.
Thuraya, a UAE-based mobile satellite operator has signed a deal with Vocality, a network router manufacturer for the defense and first responder sectors.
Debasing the Voice: Subversive Vocality in Harmony Korine's Trash Humpers.
com)-- Vocality, a global network router manufacturer and supplier of voice and data network routers to the satellite communications market, has announced the immediate release of VOS 8, Vocality Operating System Version 8.
The double poem, in fact, not only inscribes the idealization of Victorian lyric vocality and its profound loss, but also tells us how integral is the play of presence and absence, familiar and foreign, home and abroad, to the culture of Victorian poetry.
Drawing from the museum's unsurpassable collection, she first established the twentieth-century avant-garde's inherent bond with textual encounters, laying out treasure after treasure: There was Kurt Schwitters's Ursonate, 1932, whose phonetic repetitions propose language as sheer vocality, and type as both image and score, separating expression from intended meaning (or word from instrumentalization more generally).
Among specific topics are the cases of Marsilio Ficino and the art of the distillation of "spirits" as a technological model for human physiology, Herman Boerhaave's neurology and the unchanging nature of physiology, the Biblical healing of the woman with the haemorrhage in early Medieval visual culture, the body without skin in the Homeric poems, and maternal vocality and melancholy in Webster's Duchess of Malfi.
We wish both Vocality and Your Vets every success for the next stage of their growth journeys.