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Used to call attention to or express satisfaction with something that is presented or something that has been accomplished: Mix the ingredients, chill, and—voilà!—a light, tasty dessert.

[French : voi, second person sing. imperative of voir, to see (from Old French; see voyeur) + , there (from Old French la, lai, probably from Latin illāc, by that way : illā, ablative sing. feminine of ille, that; see al- in Indo-European roots + -ce, deictic particle).]


an expression of satisfaction


or voi•la

(vwɑˈlɑ; Fr. vwaˈla)

(used to express success or satisfaction.)
[1825–35; < French]


A French word meaning see there, used to draw attention to something.
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Pick a color, style, size, and frame, then mail back an imprint of your best pucker--and voila
When he is not evoking the Greenbergian regime of the flat surface, Noh recalls Duchamp's readymade: Take a series of found objects (mannequins, statues, CDs, paintbrushes), cover them with the sequins, et voila
Just pour some Coffee-mate Latte Creations into your coffee and voila
Birds Eye Foods has introduced its first reduced-carb offering in the frozen complete bag meal category when five new Birds Eye Voila
Since its original national rollout in 1998, the Voila
Then, you listen to a few seven-second sound clips, rate the music from "completely my style" to "not my style," and choose a button labeled Enlighten Me, and voila
Paper cuttings affixed to lengths of thread and hung from the ceiling--et voila
If he goes to eCrush and enters your name as his secret crush, voila
Another first that has surprised consumers are the gourmet flavors we're offering with Chicken Voila
STUDENTS' INITIATIVE: Girls from Newcastle Central High School who have set up Voila
Turns out the scenes are good, the script and unknown director gain some strong word-of-mouth, a computer maven throws some money at the project and - voila