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Noun1.Volga River - a Russian riverVolga River - a Russian river; the longest river in Europe; flows into the Caspian Sea
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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The Burial Dress of the Rus' in the Upper Volga Region (Late 10th-13th Centuries)
In addition Alexander Lisin, the CEO of the RILA emphasized the potential of the Volga region in the logistics industry which may provide the basis for a future regional logistics platform in the interests of the professional players of the logistics market of the region.
6 June 2014 - UK-based oil and gas explorer Volga Gas Plc (LON:VGAS), which operates in Russia's Volga region, said it had launched a formal sale process after having studied strategic alternatives for the business.
The "Bulgaria" boat sank in the middle of the river in the Volga region near the village of Syukeyevo in the Kansko-Ustinovsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan on Sunday afternoon.
Igor Panshin, head of emergency services in the Volga region, said 170,500 units.
Volga Gas Plc (Volga Gas) (LSE: VGAS), an oil and gas exploration and production group operating in the Volga Region of European Russia, has signed a contract with Trans Nafta.
They were the remnants of group of 35 men, women and children who dug into a hillside near the Volga region town of Penza in November and threatened to blow themselves up with gas canisters if anyone tried to forcibly remove them.
With the contracted system MTS would provide messaging services for over more than 1 million subscribers in Russia's Volga region.
Both breweries are in the Volga region of central Russia and their acquisition will boost Heineken's market share in Russia from 4.
Developed in the 1860s by Nikolai Il'minskii, Oriental linguist, Orthodox missionary, and pedagogue, as the surest way to counteract a perceived rise in Islamic influence among the "small," nominally baptized peoples of the Middle Volga region, the "method" was broadly (though not entirely) endorsed by the Russian government in its 1870 regulations on non-Russian primary schooling and remained, as Dowler puts it, "a powerful force in non-Russian elementary education in eastern Russia until the 1917 revolution" (p.
The firm's main customers are companies involved in the production, treatment and refining of crude oil in the Samara, Saratov, Orenburg, and Nizhni Novgorod areas within the Volga region of Russia, as well as Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and the Udmurt Republic.
The JV, to be set up in Russia's region of Samara, will produce on-site oxygen, nitrogen and compressed dry air for KuibyshevAzot's caprolactam, fertiliser and ammonia production, as well as liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon for sale to customers in the Volga region.