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Noun1.Volga River - a Russian riverVolga River - a Russian river; the longest river in Europe; flows into the Caspian Sea
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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Launch of the new distribution facility will improve the quality of service in the Volga region.
The Iranian ships visited Astrakhan and Russia's Volga region in August 2013.
The roof has collapsed, people have been trapped there but no survivors," Igor Panshin, director of the emergency situations ministry in the Volga region, told TASS news agency.
Unscheduled checks will be made in McDonald's restaurants in the region of Sverdlovsk in west-central Russia, the Volga region of Tatarstan, the central Voronezh region, and the Moscow region.
The comparative analysis of the forest formation pattern complexity was conducted according to the natural regions of the republic or by its generalizing groups [20], in accordance with the landscape conditions matrix and zonal vegetation: 1) Pre-Kama taiga coniferous-deciduous forests; 2) Pre-Kama region of northern broad-leaved forests with spruce parts; 3) Pre Volga region of broadleaf forests with spruce in the north, and ash in the south; 4) Regions of the southern Trans-Volga-Kama broadleaf forests; 5) Trans-Volga-Kama regions of northern meadow steppes in combination with deciduous forests.
Putin appeared to be stirring tensions further on Saturday by ordering troops stretching from the Volga region in central Russia to the Ural Mountains and swathes of Siberia to go on "full combat alert" as part of a surprise readiness check.
The company is to initially open a 5,000 square meter plant in Togliatti, a city in the Volga region of Russia.
GKN Driveline is to initially open a 5,000 square meter plant in Togliatti, a city in the Volga region of Russia, where a number of large car manufacturers are already based.
It is up to MAK experts to decide whether it is possible to decipher the recordings," said a spokesman for the Volga region transport investigation department, Dmitry Zakharov.
IDGC of Center and Volga Region board of directors meeting;
The Tatars are one of Russia's oldest ethnic minorities, and are native to the Volga region of Russia.
Novinki Community Development Project is the largest project of complex development of the territory in the Volga region of Russia, a satellite town just 2.