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Noun1.Volgaic - a group of Finnic languages spoken around the Volga river
Fennic, Finnic, Non-Ugric - one of two branches of the Finno-Ugric languages; a family of languages including Finnish and Estonian (but not Hungarian)
Cheremis, Cheremiss, Mari - the Finnic language spoken by the Cheremis
Mordva, Mordvin, Mordvinian - the Finnic language spoken by the Mordvinians
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Blazek, Vaclav (2012) "Was there a Volgaic unity within Finno-Ugric?
According to Comrie, in the languages of the Samoyed, Ob-Ugric, Permic, and Volgaic branches, "finite clauses have developed only recently, most commonly under Russian influence" (Comrie 1981: 134).
Further cognates, including artefacts / cultural items, body parts and verbs, can be found in Hungarian and Volgaic languages (SKES).
The development of non-finite forms into finite forms was addressed in more detail by Iris Metsmagi's presentation "Verb forms of non-finite origin in personal paradigms of Finnic, Saami and Volgaic languages".