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No doubt a mampus of volk of our own rank will be down here in their carriages as soon as 'tis known.
Despite having no physical evidence of its existence, University of Arizona astronomers Kat Volk and Renu Malhotr said experts could sense its presence.
Veteran Central Coast winemaker Ken Volk announced he plans to retire and is selling his brand and winery.
El Paso banker, Jim Volk, and a team of investor have revived ailing Western Heritage Bank in Las Cruces.
Lauze Volk, FAAP, FACP, says managing your eating this time of year is all about choices.
Volk is a company that produces these lenses, and such is the popularity of the manufacturer that fundus biomicroscopy lenses are now commonly referred to as 'Volk' lenses.
NewAge Industries: Robert Volk and Michael Allard have been promoted to newly-created positions as executive director of operations, and executive director of sales and marketing, respectively.
A Russian company that sells altered luxury models of Apple iPhones named Feld & Volk claims that it has been working with the same supplier unit that makes "spare parts" for Apple devices for many years.
Professors Alison McMillan and Peter Excell, of Wrexham's Glyndw r University, met Igor Volk at Bauman University, where the conference took place on the theme of Rocket and Space Technology: Fundamental and Applied Problems.
There, Agricultural Research Service plant physiologist Gayle Volk is spearheading a program to develop methods to back up U.
Volk assembled the first version of this collection of texts and learning aids in 1978 for his German-speaking students of the Sumerian language.
The light rail line extension is an interesting and challenging project for us," said Brandt Volk, founder and president of Goliath Hydro-Vac.