Volstead Act

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Vol·stead Act

 (vŏl′stĕd′, vôl′-, vōl′-)
A congressional act that prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. The US Congress passed the act in 1919; it took effect with the Eighteenth Amendment in 1920 and was repealed by the passage of the Twenty-first Amendment in 1933.

[After Andrew John Volstead (1860-1947), US representative from Minnesota who wrote the act.]
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The Bronfman family expanded their liquor business by supplying the US market after the Volstead Act shut down the (legal) industry there.
Officially it was the Eighteenth Amendment, or the Volstead Act.
After passage of the Volstead Act, (17) however, the AMA asserted that alcohol could be used to treat 27 different conditions and ailments.
13 The Volstead Act led to which period of American history?
Peterson tells me that two exceptions in the Volstead Act allowed many Zinfandel vineyards to survive Prohibition: One sanctioned sacramental wine; the other permitted individual home winemakers to produce an astonishing 200 gallons a year, the equivalent of a thousand 750-ml.
92) Homemade wine, for personal consumption, had always been exempt from federal taxation and was permitted throughout Prohibition by an exemption for fermented "cider and fruit juices" in the Volstead Act.
Thanks to a provision in 1919's Volstead Act, wineries were allowed to produce and ship grapes and wine for sacramental or medicinal purposes.
The book ends by discussing the leadup to the Prohibition movement, the 18th Amendment, and the Volstead Act which began restricting opium.
XXI, and the Volstead Act (also known as the National Prohibition Act and as the Act of Oct.
The position of the Jewish community was further complicated and compromised by the special dispensation given Jews in Section 6 of the Volstead Act to make, sell, and drink "sacramental wine for religious purposes.
At least this time they didn't create the Mob like they did with the Volstead Act.
On recommendation we went for a strawberry gin fizz (PS7) for her, and a Volstead Act for me.