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or Volzh•skiy

(ˈvɔlʃ ski)

a city in the SW Russian Federation in Europe, near Volgograd on the Volga River. 257,000.
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Volzhskiy pipe plant upped the volume of production by 1.
Kinomax has installed the first 9 RealD 3D systems in Rostov, Volzhskiy and Krasnodar and plans to complete the installation of the remaining 91 systems by the end of calendar year 2013," said Dmitry Nartov, GD, Kinomax.
Large-scale pipeline projects run by Transneft and Gazprom bolstered support to Volzhskiy Pipe Factory's sales figures, which shipped 150,000 tons of pipes in 1Q2009 compared to 280,000 tons in 12M2009.
On February 10, Power Machines reported that it had signed a contract to renovate four turbine generators at RusHydro's Volga hydro-power plant in the town of Volzhskiy, Volgograd Region, on turnkey terms.