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 (sto͞o′bən, styo͞o′-, sto͞o-bĕn′, styo͞o-, shtoi′bən), Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von 1730-1794.
Prussian-born American Revolutionary military leader who trained the previously undisciplined troops of the Continental Army.


(ˈstu bən, ˈstyu-, ˈʃtɔɪ-, stuˈbɛn, styu-)
Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von, 1730–94, Prussian major general in the American Revolutionary army.
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Noun1.Steuben - American Revolutionary leader (born in Prussia) who trained the troops under George Washington (1730-1794)Steuben - American Revolutionary leader (born in Prussia) who trained the troops under George Washington (1730-1794)
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In Monday night's opening game, the Huskies rallied from a fourth-quarter double-digit deficit to defeat Von Steuben in overtime.
But while it also is learned that European officers such as the French Generals Rochambeau and Lafayette, the Polish Generals Kosciuszko and Pulaski, and the Germans de Kalb and von Steuben afforded great help to the American cause, little usually is said about the general and dangerous shortage of weapons and ammunition or how the Revolution would likely have failed without material help from foreign nations.
at the intersection of North Dearborn Street and West Washington Street, where John Hughes hijacked the real-life annual Von Steuben Parade.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a new partnership today between Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Exelon Corporation and Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center, a Chicago Public High School (CPS).
On December 17, 1777, General George Washington recruited former Prussian officer Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben to strengthen professionalism in the Colonial Army.
Baron von Steuben helps train the Continental Army during the American Revolution; John Adams and Thomas Jefferson campaign for president; Benedict Arnold switches sides to fight against George Washington's army.
Baron von Steuben had a serious problem, however; although he spoke fluent German and French, he knew not a word of English.
Presented here are 16 profiles of foreign-born men who were involved in the Revolutionary War: Philip Mazzei, Thomas Paine, Haym Solomon, Francis Salvador, John Barry, Gustavus Conyngham, John Paul Jones, George Farragut, Pierce Butler, Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Charles Armand, Michael Kovats, Baron Johann De Kalb, Count Casimir Pulaski, Peter Francisco, and Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben.
The German-American Steuben Parade, named in honor of Revolutionary War General Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, has grown into the largest German-American festival in the U.
Buildings are open for tours, Baron von Steuben teaches military drills to young volunteers, and Chief Logan tells his story while settlers outside the walls provide insight into life on the Ohio frontier.
However, just out to sea Russian submarines prowled, and duly destroyed three refugee ships, the MV Wilhelm Gustloff, the SS General von Steuben and the MV Goya, leading to the loss of 20,000 lives.
Playing as Kenway, gamers will encounter George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lee, Israel Putnam, Paul Revere, General Lafayette, John Pitcairn, William Prescott, King George III, Samuel Adams and Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.