Von Stroheim

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von Stroheim

(vɒn ˈstrəʊˌhaɪm; ˈʃtrəʊ-; fɒn)
(Biography) Erich (ˈeːrɪç), real name Hans Erich Maria Stroheim von Nordenwall. 1885–1957, US film director and actor, born in Austria, whose films include Foolish Wives (1921) and Greed (1923)

Von Stro•heim

(vɒn ˈstroʊ haɪm, ˈʃtroʊ-, fən)
Erich, 1885–1957, U.S. actor and film director, born in Austria.
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Forget sexually inappropriate language: Erich von Stroheim shot mass orgies for his own pleasure.
In the US, Erich von Stroheim offered Greed at four hours and D W Griffiths produced Intolerance and Birth of a Nation at three hours plus.
In it, the enemy, played by the brilliant Erich von Stroheim, plays a feature and sympathetic part, as do other Germans.
And he spoke a lot about Erich von Stroheim, and it was less The Wedding March than Erich von Stroheim [the film's director].
Starring: Carter Roy, Alena von Stroheim, Chris O'Brien, Tom Saporito, Scott Allen Perry, Jessica Perrin, Scott Weinberg
Colonel Strasser, as played by German emigre Conrad Veidt, is Teutonic in the aristocratic Prussian style without being self-stereotyped like von Stroheim and so exudes a more modern malevolence a la Nazi.
La primera mujer asesinada entre adornos navidenos se la debemos a Erich von Stroheim (Avaricia, 1924) cuando McTeague mata a Trina.
I'm reminded of Turner Classic Movies' 1999 ad copy for the premiere of a 239-minute version of Erich von Stroheim's Greed, lengthened by ninety-nine minutes of added intertitles and doctored production stills: "In 1924, Erich von Stroheim created a cinematic masterpiece that few would see--until now.
The silent-film director Erich von Stroheim took the part of Max, Norma Desmond's butler and, we ultimately learn, her ex-husband.
Griffith ("Intolerance"), Erich von Stroheim ("Greed") and especially King Vidor ("The Crowd") were simple and straightforward in essence.
But we also hear of Erich von Stroheim, who drove producers mad with his disregard for budgets.
Griffith, Abel Gance, Erich von Stroheim, and Fritz Lang, while also discussing the contributions of lesser known directors such as Louis Feuillade or Joe May.