Voodoo economics

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Voo´doo economics

n.1.(Politics) an economic hypothesis, proposed by President Ronald Regan, that large cuts in tax rates would so stimulate the economy that the tax revenue on the increases in business and personal income would offset the anticipated tax revenue losses, so that such tax cuts would not increasing the federal budget deficit. Its believers do not consider the actual massive deficit increases subsequent to the 1982-83 tax cut as being caused by the tax cut itself, but by other governmental policies. This hypothesis was graphically illustrated by the Laffer curve.
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The Stabiliser versus the man who promotes voodoo economics.
were the wife" Well we've had voodoo economics, how about voodoo politics?
That said, it might be a good time to not hype the lottery anymore and sober up to the fact that lottery "earnings" are fickle at best and voodoo economics at worst.
Newport West Labour MP Paul Flynn interrupted Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls in the Commons to ask: "With all the voodoo economics and fiddles that have now been exposed, is not the Treasury exposed as the most disreputable massage parlour in Britain?
There weren't many outside of the political voodoo economics practitioners who thought PPACA would bring cost savings.
Lib Dem Nick Clegg is right when he called the Tory plans voodoo economics and accused them of being "the party of funny money and sums which don't add up".
Only theUnited Statesand theUnited Kingdom have employed a form of voodoo economics over the last 10 years, convincing us all that we were getting richer whereas in fact we now know that we have actually all been getting poorer.
Let's face it, we're a mess, too easily seduced by will-o'-the-wisp promises of salvation through fundamentalist religion, dogmatic political ideologies, post-modern quackery, voodoo economics, the so-called Free Market, or that 20th century contradiction in terms, sustainable development, (to name, as Gore Vidal might say, but a few).
The author of several books, including "The Looting of Social Security: How the Government is Draining America's Retirement Account," (Carroll & Graf, 2004) and "The Alleged Budget Surplus, Social Security, and Voodoo Economics," Dr.
Brynle Williams is scraping the bottom of the populist barrel and advocating voodoo economics by demanding lower fuel tax at the expense of people and the planet.
The latter's reliance on past music for models he calls "voodoo tradition": "If we suck out the blood and the knowledge of the past, we are going to get its strength, it's what they refer to in Reagan as voodoo economics.