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A city of southwest Russia south of Lipetsk. Founded as a frontier fortress in 1586, it was a shipbuilding center during the reign of Peter the Great.


(Russian vaˈrɔnɪʃ)
(Placename) a city in W Russia: engineering, chemical, and food-processing industries; university (1918). Pop: 842 000 (2005 est)


(vəˈroʊ nɪʃ)

a city in the SW Russian Federation in Europe. 887,000.
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The project may influence positively the socio-economic situation in Voronej region, increasing the tax revenues to the budgets of all levels, developing the transport infrastructure and creating about 4 thousand of new jobs in the industry and about 1 thousand in collateral branches.
Son bir haber: "Sovyetler Birligi'nin kurucusu ve Bolsevik Devrimi'nin lideri Vladimir Ilyic Lenin'in Rusya'nin guneyindeki Voronej kent merkezindeki bronz heykelinin, maddi sikinti yuzunden satisa cikarildigi bildirildi" (26).
Le Premier ministre Vladimir Poutine, qui a multiplie les interventions depuis vendredi dernier, s'est pour sa part rendu dans la region de Voronej (500 km au sud de Moscou) pour y encourager les equipages des avions luttant contre les flammes.