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(ˈvɔr tl)
Computers. a Web site, or portal, that offers information, services, and links related to a particular market segment or industry.
[1995–2000; v (ertical) + (p) ortal1 (definition 4)]
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The Featured group contains links for a handful of particularly high-interest sites, especially topic-oriented vortals.
Staffordshire-based Mary, aged 49, and Oxfordshire-based Lorraine, aged 38, pooled their resources after being made redundant to produce the first equestrian vortal at www.
Vortals (vertical portals) concentrate on a specific industry or business function, and can be devoted to its needs more than a general site like Business.
The trucking vortal features links to online transportation-related services and resources offered by the state, including:
What distinguishes a vortal from a portal is its clearly defined focus.
R101 and the Lupus Foundation of Northern California today announced the launch of a new vortal (an audience-specific portal site) to deliver new services, information, and support to the foundation's constituents.
The Farmroots vortal will provide expert agricultural advice, plus Milinx Web-delivered software for communications, productivity and e-commerce.
CoVia Vortal enables companies to quickly create industry specific, personalized portals that can be entirely managed by non-technical users who can quickly produce, update and sustain fresh, relative content for any targeted community -- all without IT support.
Provide search for your own site, around a collection of known sites with a FusionBot Mini-Portal, or power your vortal with a custom FusionBot Platinum vertical search solution.
Vortals are a "vertical portal" that focus on a specific topic.