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a leader in network intrusion prevention, today announced that the Sourcefire([R]) Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) discovered Microsoft([R]) Outlook([R]) VEVENT Vulnerability - CVE-2007-0033.
0 release, Tenable's Passive Vulnerability Scanner continues to provide network discovery and intelligence by identifying and observing systems that are active on the network.
eEye discovered this vulnerability in late May 2006 and worked with Symantec to create a patch at that time.
As part of the Cyber Security Standards CIP-002-009 adopted in 2006, NERC produced The Security Guidelines for the Electricity Sector to address topics including vulnerability and risk assessment, business continuity, and protecting sensitive information.
A zero day vulnerability is one that is unknown or one that has been publicly disclosed without a corresponding patch.
Originally reported as a "denial of service" flaw, eEye demonstrates that the vulnerability is actually exploitable.
The SANS Top 20 list is an important tool in helping businesses prioritize their efforts to address security vulnerabilities," said Amol Sarwate, manager of the Vulnerability Lab at Qualys and a contributing member to the SANS Top 20.
NIST has adopted the Common Vulnerable Scoring System (CVSS) for rating the impact of vulnerabilities published within the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).
Addressing the problem of network vulnerability begins with an accurate and up to date awareness of the hardware and software on your network," said Andy Burton, CEO of Centennial Software.
TippingPoint provides vulnerability protection in the form of "virtual software patches" to preemptively protect customers against exploits, malware, and worms.
Watchfire, the market-leading provider of web application vulnerability assessment software and services to help ensure the security and compliance of websites, today introduced AppScan[R] Reporting Console which provides a strategic and affordable means to achieving enterprise class web application security.
0 was developed to solve these problems and features more advanced application vulnerability scanning and increased testing process automation, in addition to a range of new features to help organizations understand and act upon the web security vulnerabilities found.
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