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Adj.1.W-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter W
formed - having or given a form or shape
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It can be spotted with the naked eye as part of the Cassiopeia the Queen constellation - a W-shaped star pattern near the North Star.
As Goldman Sachs has warned, this cycle may be a W-shaped one rather than a U-shaped one.
Most obvious is the W-shaped roof that collects rain rather than shedding the water.
The first is an 18m-long horseshoe shape, and the second in W-shaped.
From hopes for a U-shaped recovery, through a W-shaped one, the prognosis for global growth is getting alphabetically challenged.
The patented W-shaped squeegees, used on many Taski machines, have self-levelling castors to follow closely the profile of the floor.
Design Of A Modified W-Shaped Patch Antenna On Al2 O3 Ceramic Material Substrate For Ku-Band, Chalcogenide Letters, 9(2): 61-66.
They also suggest that clues to immunopathogenic mechanisms are found in the unique, well-documented, W-shaped age-specific mortality curve of the 1918 pandemic (3) (Figure) in which the typical (U-shaped) curve of pandemic influenza, featuring mortality rate peaks in young and old persons, was augmented by an unprecedented third mortality rate peak in persons 20-40 years of age.
The Greek company is also in charge of the rear end of the fuselage that blends into the flat W-shaped trailing edge.
A W-shaped multi-segment friction plate to increase fuel efficiency in automatic transmission vehicles
There are those who believe having gone down you start to emerge, which will be a false dawn and it slips down again then eventually comes up - a W-shaped or double-dip recession.
We have seen an additional month of substantial orders, which helps to confirm that a sustainable recovery is taking place, despite the buzz of those forecasting a W-shaped rebound.