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Adj.1.W-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter W
formed - having or given a form or shape
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The butterfly's underwings are brown, with a white W-shaped streak, an orange edge and small tails.
Six feet tall and under three inches wide and thick, these works were each made from two strips of polished aluminum that had been joined together at angles to form a V- or W-shaped groove and then "framed" by strips of painted wood.
But the W-shaped building made of stone and glass still doesn't have any exhibitions.
He said: "I teach them how to manoeuvre the horse in a ring around coloured blocks and in different trails such as in a zigzag formation or in a L-shaped, V-shaped or W-shaped pathway.
To explore this question, a team led by UCSF graduate student Kenneth Kay used a W-shaped maze containing a reward at three different sites, then trained rats to travel among the three sites in a particular order.
It can be spotted with the naked eye as part of the Cassiopeia the Queen constellation - a W-shaped star pattern near the North Star.
As Goldman Sachs has warned, this cycle may be a W-shaped one rather than a U-shaped one.
Most obvious is the W-shaped roof that collects rain rather than shedding the water.
The first is an 18m-long horseshoe shape, and the second in W-shaped.
From hopes for a U-shaped recovery, through a W-shaped one, the prognosis for global growth is getting alphabetically challenged.
The patented W-shaped squeegees, used on many Taski machines, have self-levelling castors to follow closely the profile of the floor.
For example larger Taski machines use a W-shaped squeegee that follows the floor profile and removes more than 99% of water, even in curves and on difficult floors such as tiles with deep grouts or surfaces that are uneven or structured.