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Noun1.W. C. Handy - United States blues musician who transcribed and published traditional blues music (1873-1958)
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He has earned a Grammy (for his role on the album Beautiful Dreamer -- The Songs of Stephen Foster), Blues Music Award (called a W.
Alabama has always had a deep and rich musical heritage that has given the world impeccable vocalists, instrumentalists, and composers whom are influential in the music industry such as: Blues legends Dinah Washington and W.
Three of the most famous and important musical figures who made Memphis their home were W.
Tambien toca su esposa violinista Susana Moreno (San Louis Blues, de W.
He examines the city's history in its most important decades, and well-known figures like Elvis Presley, Sam Philips, Clarence Saunders, and W.
The "Off the Beaten Path" chapter is delightful (check out the wine-tasting in Calaveras County, CA or the W.
This is the birthplace of the Blues, a social gathering magnet and meeting place for blues legends such as "Father of the Blues" W.
There is also a timeline about blues that dates back to 1873 when W.
A regular on 1960s TV show "Shindig," Preston made his screen debut in 1958 playing a young W.
A writer as well as a director, Eastman had a longtime partnership with composer Joe Rogers, creating original musicals that ranged from Shakespearean adaptations to echoes of Langston Hughes and W.