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Noun1.W. H. Auden - United States poet (born in England) (1907-1973)
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US-born Thomas Stearns Eliot settled in the UK during 1915 and worked as a teacher before joining the publishers where he promoted home-grown poets including W.
This fateful emigration meant that he built his career as a writer and teacher in the Anglosphere, first at Cambridge and later at Northwestern, and he stood near the center of Anglo-American intellectual life, cultivating friendships with everyone from Isaiah Berlin to Hannah Arendt to W.
This book works on several levels: first, as a personal story of a young man coming to live in a new city with his lover, secondly, as a cultural history of London at the time, involving people such as Christopher Isherwood, W.
Boston University, Smith College and Wellesley College each received a grant of more than $50,000 under the study program for projects on poet W.
They are strewn all over his writings-poems and passages from Euripides, W.
Kumin celebrated her 85th birthday in June, and though she is in some ways a messenger from another time, remembering W.
Bowles himself speaks about his life, writing, music, his use of drugs, and his friends, including W.
Fellow gay Anglo-American and Angeleno Christopher Isherwood is represented, as are the poet W.
I decided not to write a dissertation about John Ashbery and W.
Tolkien books were published in the '50s, and while they were championed then - by the poet W.
Until the year 1933 I never opened a daily paper, and I must confess that for me, Utopia would be a place and time where I no longer felt it my duty to read one," declared the keynote speaker, poet W.
Past recipients of the prestigious award include W.