WATS line

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Noun1.WATS line - a telephone line;long distance service at fixed rates for fixed zones; an acronym for wide area telephone service
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A highly visible member identity including a personalized toll-free WATS line.
A WATS line permitted extensive long-distance phoning in days when it was otherwise costly and discouraged by departmental administrators.
A commercial customer in Porter, Indiana, for example, could lease an AT&T WATS line for a flat rate per month and call customers on that line or have customers call them at no charge.
Installation stallation of a statewide WATS line is another means of encouraging staff and patient followup after discharge (Milhous, undated).
Each member of Congress can have a WATS line installed in his or her home for free.
With AT&T's introduction of the WATS line in 1961, a few companies began to specialize in contract phone sales work for other companies.
Johnson, President, of NHD, 216-292-6029, or fax, 216-292-6032; or Sam Abbasi, Chief Financial Officer, of American Physician Partners, WATS line, 800-908-9302, or fax, 214-761-3150/