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Noun1.WATS line - a telephone line;long distance service at fixed rates for fixed zones; an acronym for wide area telephone service
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A WATS line permitted extensive long-distance phoning in days when it was otherwise costly and discouraged by departmental administrators.
A commercial customer in Porter, Indiana, for example, could lease an AT&T WATS line for a flat rate per month and call customers on that line or have customers call them at no charge.
Installation stallation of a statewide WATS line is another means of encouraging staff and patient followup after discharge (Milhous, undated).
Despite the court plea, Beitchman continues to deny vigorously he ever called Upper Southampton resident Henry Malinowski on the Tribune-Democrat's WATS line and impersonated a Pennsylvania deputy attorney general to get Malinowski to back off in the dispute with Beitchman's brother Arthur.
Each member of Congress can have a WATS line installed in his or her home for free.
In addition to the ordinary facilities of a university j-school, the Kiplinger fellows have access to a fax and a WATS line.
With AT&T's introduction of the WATS line in 1961, a few companies began to specialize in contract phone sales work for other companies.