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Submit it with some metadata and within minutes (maybe seconds) you are handed back the clear-text WEP key.
The client then encrypts its WEP key and sends back to AP.
WEP Secure Pro - WEP Key Generator, WPA KeyGen & WiFi Random Password Generator Available For Downloading In The iTunes App Store:
The reporter cracked a 40-bit WEP key ("sugar") in an hour, which is quite a while.
In fact, researchers at Darmstadt Technical University in Germany have demonstrated that a WEP key can be broken in less than a minute.
However, the Dell immediately detected my wi-fi and, once I'd entered my WEP key, the notebook connected.
In 2001, when Scott Fluher, Itsik Mantin and Adi Shamir published "Weaknesses in the Key Scheduling Algorithm of RC4," and the Shmoo Group released the beta version of Airsnort, compromising a WEP key was a daunting task.
Hackers have found several ways to break the 40-bit WEP key with a 24-bit random number known as an initialization vector (IV) to encrypt the data.
Select a random set of characters of your choosing used to create a random WEP key.
WEP is generally first configured at the access point by assigning a key or allowing the access point to randomly generate a WEP key.
The combination of robust rogue access point detection with a simple solution to the WEP key problem improves an already strong value proposition for Wavelink's products," says Michael Disabato, wireless technology and network security expert for the Burton Group.
The same WEP key is used by each and every end user and can be compromised by an attacker with freely available tools within a couple of hours.