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As a result of the investigation, according to WESH, "The county has now implemented a new technology program, in which all workers with county-provided cell phones/smart phones must undergo training on state public records laws.
Prior to the release of this report, the WESH station manager contacted us to report that WESH aired a series of five to eight minute mini-debates focusing on local and state candidates and ballot issues during their 5:30 p.
The fascinating detail had never before been revealed, and has now been broken by WESH, NBC station in Orlando, reports RadarOnline.
On January 9, according to a report on WESH TV of Orlando, Florida, a man washing his car at Mr.
Previously, Wilson worked for WESH Channel 2 in Orlando as a client services coordinator, national sales coordinator and account executive.
According to WESH TV in Orlando, Florida, one of the men ended up hospitalized and arrested instead, while his accomplices are on the run from the police.
com/article/central-florida-schools-and-colleges-closing-ahead-of-irma/12184364) WESH .
According to police, Curtis went to Williams' house, "knocked on the door, and asked to be let inside but Williams refuse&' reported WESH.
That's what happened to Scott Hanson, a veteran reporter with WESH, NBC's affiliate in Orlando, Florida.
5 million, including WESH in Florida and KCCI in Iowa.