outrigger canoe

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Noun1.outrigger canoe - a seagoing canoe (as in South Pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsettingoutrigger canoe - a seagoing canoe (as in South Pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsetting
canoe - small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle
outrigger - a stabilizer for a canoe; spars attach to a shaped log or float parallel to the hull
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By: MENA BAGHDAD - 2 September 2017: Iraqi Transport Minister Kazem Finjan announced Saturday the inauguration of air travel services to Moscow, Kuwait and Tehran, Iraqi Wa'a news agency reported.
Last fall, for example, an elementary school library hosted a Wa'a (canoe-voyaging) talk that brought together faculty representatives from various public and private schools in Hawaii to share activities and exchange insights resulting from this unique experience.
Clearwater Beach Classic is sponsored by St Petersburb/Clearwater Sports Commission, Hook Tribe, Sheraton Sandkey Resort, Outrigger Zone, Epic Kayaks, Puakea Designs, Kai Wa'a Ocean Canoe, YOLO Board, Crazy Paddlers and Malibu Rum.
He wa'a he moku ("The island is our canoe, Our canoe is the
The Outrigger way of doing business is set forth in a set of family values/corporate philosophy referred to as Ke 'Ano Wa'a, which emphasizes flawlessness and accountability, a sense of trust and fairness in all business dealings, and the courage and discipline to act upon one's responsibilities, or Kule'ana.
The complementizer wa'a is also used to introduce clausal subjects.