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also Wen·ce·slaus  (wĕn′sĭ-slôs′), Saint c. 907-935?
Duke of Bohemia who encouraged Christianization and was murdered by his brother Boleslav. He is popularly associated with Christmastide charity and is the patron saint of the Czech Republic.


(ˈwɛnsɪsləs) or


1. (Biography) 1361–1419, Holy Roman Emperor (1378–1400) and, as Wenceslaus IV, king of Bohemia (1378–1419)
2. (Biography) Saint, known as Good King Wenceslaus. ?907–929, duke of Bohemia (?925–29); patron saint of Bohemia. Feast day: Sept 28


(ˈwɛn sɪsˌlɔs)

1. 1361–1419, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1378–1400; as Wenceslaus IV, king of Bohemia 1378–1419.
2. Saint (“Good King Wenceslaus” ), A.D. 903?–c935, duke of Bohemia 928–935.
German, Wenzel.
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Dr Bartomiej Waclaw, of the University of Edinburgh's School of Physics and Astronomy, who took part in the study, said: "The key mechanisms that underpin metabolism are found in almost all plants and animals, and control the productivity of life on Earth, yet we understand little of how they came about.
In 1817, Polish nobleman Count Waclaw Rzewuski made his famous exploratory journey into the heartland of what is today Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In loving memory of Waclaw (Slim), who passed away 27th March 2012.
Waclaw Lukowicz, the CEO of Siemens Healthcare Middle East, said: "The main drivers behind the regional healthcare sector's expansion are increasingly similar to other countries, but while the vast majority of the population in the Middle East is still young, it will become older, placing greater demand on the region's healthcare systems.
It is crucial that new technologies make health care more accessible, affordable and efficient," said Waclaw Lukowicz, CEO, Siemens Healthcare Middle East.
Jan Waclaw Bourian, of Czech origin, a Mogila Cistercian, a local musician, violinist, conductor and composer, died in Mogila in 1777
Certainly the older brother brought artists into the family circle: the poet Jozef Czechowitz (1903-39), "invariably with his pipe," and Jozef Lobodowski--the photographer credits both with introducing him to the avant-garde--the art lover Wiktor Ziolkowski; Waclaw Gralewski, the editor in chief of Reflektor.
Christian Rakovsky, drawing on the pre-Bolshevik anarchism of Michael Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, and Waclaw Machajski, described the Soviet leadership as a New Class of dictators whose rule was based on a new type of private property: collectivist state power.
She and her father Waclaw were invited as officials of the country's Scouting movement.
Waclaw Jedrzejewski was left severely injured as a result of the accident at Euro Clearance Stock Ltd, in Tyburn Road, Erdington.