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An ancient village of Palestine on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in the West Bank east of Jerusalem. It is noted for the caves in which the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.


(Placename) See Khirbet Qumran

Khir•bet Qum•ran

(ˈkɪər bɛt ˈkʊm rɑn)
an archaeological site in W Jordan, near the Dead Sea: Dead Sea Scrolls found here 1947.
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The end of the British Mandate and of the 1948 war allowed archaeologists to begin systematic work in Wadi Qumran, a tough, fissured landscape whose water was supplied by the run-off of seasonal rains in the Judean hills to the west.
of America, DC) explains the various sigla that are used for texts and fragments found in the Wadi Qumran, elsewhere along the north coast of the Dead Sea, and the Genizah in Old Cairo.
But Josef Milik would become a prodigious publisher of those fragments of writing about the history of Judaism and the roots of Christianity, which had been found in jars in 11 caves on a plateau overlooking the ruins at the mouth of wadi Qumran.