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Noun1.Wahabism - a conservative and intolerant form of Islam that is practiced in Saudi Arabia; "Osama bin Laden and his followers practice Wahhabism"
Mohammedanism, Muhammadanism, Muslimism, Islam, Islamism - the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran; "Islam is a complete way of life, not a Sunday religion"; "the term Muhammadanism is offensive to Muslims who believe that Allah, not Muhammad, founded their religion"
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If a genuine case is forwarded in an impartial, fair, free and just international forum, Saudi wahabism and salafism being imposed on all sects including both on Sunnis and Shi'ites in Islam, may lose all that Al-Saud has for sufficient reasons and print-audio-visual proofs in world media too: Most serious charges against Saudis are its proven and known actions of destroying the graves related to great Prophet of Islam, namely, destroying the graves of his wife, daughter, companions, sufis and followers whom the Prophet himself valued much.
Many Sunni religious leaders, including those inspired by Wahabism and other ideologies have declared Shias to be heretics or apostates.
The New York Times on Wednesday, citing documents it reviewed, identified the buyer as Saudi Arabia's Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud, whose country's wahabism ideology apparently forbids the official worship of Christ or any other religion except Islam.
He mentioned that Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab of Saudi Arabia (mid-18th century AD) was the founding father of institutionalized extremism in Islam_ the Wahabism.
While the focus of the multi-nation anti-terrorism drive then was Al Qaida, attention has now shifted to the local Abu Sayyaf and most recently the Maute, a group that adheres to Wahabism, an ultraconservative form of Islam.
Though the writers tried to define Saudi Arabia's influence using the term Wahabism, they did not acknowledge the leading role the country has been playing to unite a rather scattered Muslim community.
Ali Gomaa again, one means of combating these groups is Sufism, a favourite target of Salafism and Wahabism.
Elena and Constantine), debates on religious education (pro et contra), the three international conferences on inter- religious dialogue (Olirid and Skopje), debates on religious extremism, Wahabism, youngsters who go to fight in Syria and Iraq, pompous Ramadan iftars sponsored by politicians, etc.
Iranians, on the other hand, routinely refer to all violent Sunni extremists as "takfiris" precisely to highlight their practice of excommunicating other Muslims and frequently portray Wahabism, Salafism and other Sunni movements, with the same brush.
Saudi Arabia, the champion of Wahabism in Islam, does not wish to see Bashar Assad any longer in power.
Two further events in 1979 (the Iranian revolution and the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan) entrenched the rise of political Islam under two banners--Saudi Arab's Sunni brand of Wahabism which inspired the Afghan Mujahidin, and Iran's own home-grown Shia variant, which inspired its revolution.
The intransigence of the parties in the Israel-Palestinian situation, the Saudi behaviour towards its own citizens and its succour of Wahabism, and the partisan fury of all parties in Syria are only a few of the developments which are causing many outsiders increasingly to wish to wash their hands of the whole region.