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or Wa·ha·bi (wä-hä′bē)
n. pl. Wah·ha·bis or Wa·ha·bis
A member of a Muslim sect founded by Abdul Wahhab (1703-1792), known for its strict observance of the Koran and flourishing mainly in Arabia.

Wah·ha′bism (-bĭz′əm) n.


(wəˈhɑːbɪ) or


n, pl -bis
(Islam) a member of a strictly conservative Muslim sect founded in the 18th century with the aim of eliminating all innovations later than the 3rd century of Islam
Wahˈhabism, Waˈhabism n


or Wa•ha•bi

(wəˈhɑ bi, wɑ-)

also Wah•ha•bite


n., pl. -bis also -bites.
a member of a conservative Muslim group founded orig. by followers of ‘Abd al-Wahhab (1703–92).
[1800–10; < Arabic, =‘Abd al-Wahhab + suffix of appurtenance]
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Noun1.Wahhabi - a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect from Saudi Arabia; strives to purify Islamic beliefs and rejects any innovation occurring after the 3rd century of Islam; "Osama bin Laden is said to be a Wahhabi Muslim"
Moslem, Muslim - a believer in or follower of Islam
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The September 13 slaughter has all the hallmarks of a well-organized and meticulously-planned plot by Saudi Wahhabis to incite Team Obama and European allies to besiege Syria, cancel Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's historic trip to France and Italy, and derail the delicate nuclear deal between Tehran and P5+1.
We are not Wahhabis, we are Muslims," he explained.
Observers differ over whether Salafi are Sunni Muslims and whether they are Wahhabis.
I'll take the devil, but not those horrible Wahhabis," said one Damascene woman, a pious Sunni Muslim.
No one explained why Iranian diplomats should be dealing clandestinely with Wahhabis, an ultra-conservative Saudi sect that is virulently anti-Shia.
The main issue that I had raised was that the Deobandis and Wahhabis are considered the only representatives ( of the Muslims), which is simply not true.
Like most of us, Wahhabis and Salafis believe that violence in the name of religion is simply not religious.
For Wahhabis, it is an anathema -- a suggestion that some earthly figure, even one close to Mohammad, could be the object of veneration.
President Ali Abdullah Salih has regularly used Yemeni Wahhabis to defeat his domestic opponents u first the Communists, then the Zaidis, and then the Huthis.
The reformers, unanimously classified by the Kist majority as Wahhabis, took an uncompromising stance in the dispute over the interpretation of Islam.
The Aal-Sauds (Aal meaning clan or household) provide the base for the Wahhabis to practice and proselytise their religious doctrine.
The detained men were described as being Wahhabis and their ranks included an Army officer who had supplied assault rifles and grenade launchers.