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One that builds and repairs wagons.


(Automotive Engineering) a person who makes wagons


1. (Biography) Loudon. born 1946, US rock singer and songwriter. His albums include Loudon Wainwright III (1970), Fame and Wealth (1983), Grown Man (1995) and Strange Weirdos (2007)
2. (Biography) his daughter, Martha. born 1976, US rock singer and songwriter. Her recordings include the album Martha Wainwright (2005)
3. (Biography) his son, Rufus. born 1973, US rock singer and songwriter. His albums include Want One (2003), Want Two (2004) and Release the Stars (2007)



a wagon maker.
[before 1000]
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Noun1.wainwright - a wagon maker
wright - someone who makes or repairs something (usually used in combination)
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It was only next day, when Wainwright Island loomed to windward, close abeam, that Wolf Larsen opened his mouth in prophecy.
Roger Kenyon, 62, of Blundellsands, will climb the last of the Lake District fells, known as The Wainwrights, next month.
The 214 fells described in the Pictorial Guides are now generally known as the Wainwrights after Alfred, who was also a well respected guidebook author and illustrator.
Mr, Wainwrights son Andrew, then a 22-year-old student at Newcastle University, killed himself at his father's 1974.
The Wainwrights range in height and difficulty from easy to extreme and include gentle strolls along the smallest ( Castle Crag in Borrowdale at 985ft ( to England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike at 3,210ft.