Waiting maid

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a maid or woman who waits upon another as a personal servant.

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Then he had been sent to the bedroom to help the old princess to move the holy picture in its silver and gold setting, and with the princess's old waiting maid he had clambered on a shelf to reach it and had broken the little lamp, and the old servant had tried to reassure him about the lamp and about his wife, and he carried the holy picture and set it at Kitty's head, carefully tucking it in behind the pillow.
Polly turned the matter over in her mind as she dressed, while Jenny played waiting maid, little dreaming what this new friend was meaning to do for her, if she dared.
This same waiting maid seems to have an agreeable style," said the messenger, carelessly.
Although carried out in a humorous mode, the above exchange is a frontal punning assault against Sir Andrew who, failing to make a single pun throughout, is easily outwitted by the waiting maid, which he honestly admits in the following commentary on his own performance: "Methinks sometimes I have no more wit than a Christian / or an ordinary man has, but I am a great eater of beef, and I believe / that does harm to my wit" (I.
Yet, a basic difference can be noticed between the individual waiting maids with respect to the proportion of punning encounters they have with ladies compared to those with other characters.
Accordingly, the reason why the exchange in example 2 is, unlike the preceding one, an instance of ping-pong punning seems to lie in the essentially distinct personalities of the discourse partners of the two waiting maids.
While in the interactions examined explicit sexual punning between the waiting maids and the ladies is non-existent, most probably due to its inappropriateness in such a socially asymmetric composition of interlocutors, it proves to be perfectly possible in a different participant configuration, as demonstrated in the following exchange:
What is more, all the waiting maids in the works scrutinised are involved in playing verbal games with ladies, who accordingly become their most characteristic punning partners.
72) THE Invention of Wings tells the parallel stories of Hetty 'Handful' Grimke, and Sarah Grimke, two women bound together on Sarah's 11th birthday, when Handful is presented to her as her gift: her very own waiting maid.
On Sarah's 11th birthday, Hetty is handed to her as her gift: her very own waiting maid.
Pao-yu's favorite waiting maid was Pervading Fragrance.