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also wal·er  (wā′lər)
A saddle horse of a hardy breed developed in Australia and widely used by British and Australian military forces from the mid-1800s through World War I.

[After New South Wales + -er.]


(Breeds) chiefly Austral a saddle horse originating in New South Wales
[C19: from Wales, in New South Wales]


(ˈweɪ lər)

a strong Australian horse bred chiefly in New South Wales, formerly exported in large numbers for use as military saddle horses.
[1840–50; after New South Wales; see -er1]
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or Hogan-Yale of the White Hussars, leading his squadron for all it was worth, with the price of horseshoes thrown in; or "Tick" Boileau, trying to live up to his fierce blue and gold turban while the wasps of the Bengal Cavalry stretched to a gallop in the wake of the long, lollopping Walers of the White Hussars.
The walers integrate into the Slide Rail system with the use of custom brackets with rollers that slide along the posts.
Floating sections of concrete dock are connected by plastic beams called walers, which run the length of the dock.
Walers retired the following year and what a legacy he left.
The formwork solution for the superstructure is realised with GT 24 formwork girders, SRU steel walers and SLS spindles.
UNIVERSITY bosses have launched a pounds 26million research drive to make companies throughout Walers more hi-tech and competitive.
The Big Valley sinks and boats such as the Maverick scour the icy walers for survivors.
While reducing restoration costs, the Slide Rail system eliminates the need for walers, provides more working room and makes digging easier.
Now, isn't that what the real Walers and our United pair ought to be claiming?
The earliest mention of the breeding of Walers in the Gulf region for the Indian market though is stated as not occurring till the late 1880s onwards at Floraville Station.
England & Walers Cricket Board power-brokers hope that this long-overdue creation of an academy will prove a turning point in English cricket's long-term fortunes.
While I was working, The Inspiral Carpets insisted that the only music to be heard was the Frank & Walers and I loved them.