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Noun1.Walker Percy - United States writer whose novels explored human alienation (1916-1990)
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Walker Percy and his characters do everything in their power to escape the crushing weight of everyday existence.
The book was finally published at the urging of prominent author Walker Percy, who had read the manuscript at the insistence of Toole's mother.
Christina Bieber Lake argues that works by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Walker Percy, Flannery O'Connor, Toni Morrison, George Saunders, Marilynne Robinson, Raymond Carver, James Tiptree, Jr.
THE LIFE OF THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC novelist and philosopher Walker Percy (1916-1990) dramatically illustrates the tensions of faith, reason, and science.
Patricia Lewis Poteat makes this point conclusively and caustically in Walker Percy and the Old Modern Age, asserting that "Percy too attempts to use the conceptual tools of a crypto-Cartesian science to remedy the shortcomings of that very science" (86).
He provides close critical readings of Mark Twain, Zora Neele Hurston, Faulkner, Richard Wright, Katherine Anne Porter, Bobbie Ann Mason, Walker Percy.
Finally, Walker Percy writes for the seeker--the uneasy skeptic who senses that something is deeply amiss with his world and sets out to name the disease and find a cure.
The project of the critical edition was abandoned shortly thereafter when, to the best of my recollection, Norton decided against it because Walker Percy was still alive and their series included only editions of canonical texts with long dead authors.
Part II, "Explorations in General Semantics," provides linguistic insights from scholars such as Gregory Bateson and Walker Percy and analysis of the revolutionary importance of "negative" GS principles (e.
the presence of grace and spiritual mystery in her stories, but they often approach her from the perspective of what O'Connor's writer-compatriot Walker Percy identifies as religious science.
Professor Randall Rosenberg's essay, "The Retrieval of Religious Intellectuality: Walker Percy in Light of Michael Buckley," focuses on one of Dr.
Apocalyptic literature seems heedless of what Walker Percy, an eschatological novelist himself, described as the sheer ordinariness of a Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock.