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Noun1.Walker Percy - United States writer whose novels explored human alienation (1916-1990)
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One section is drawn from a journal documenting a 1970 trip the author made with John Gregory Dunne, her late husband, through Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, and features Didion's interviews with regional notables, including author Walker Percy.
He edited the high school newspaper in Greenville, Mississippi, where his staff included a gossip columnist named Walker Percy.
Like one of his heroes, the Southern novelist Walker Percy, he refused to believe that the truth was ultimately sad.
In his "Resurrecting the Body: Walker Percy and the Sensuous-erotic Spirit," John F.
Walker Percy and his characters do everything in their power to escape the crushing weight of everyday existence.
Somewhere and Not Anywhere," the tide of Sirmans s essay in the exhibition catalogue, was taken from the 1961 Walker Percy book The Moviegoer, which played a key source of inspiration for his approach to the project.
The book was finally published at the urging of prominent author Walker Percy, who had read the manuscript at the insistence of Toole's mother.
Patricia Lewis Poteat makes this point conclusively and caustically in Walker Percy and the Old Modern Age, asserting that "Percy too attempts to use the conceptual tools of a crypto-Cartesian science to remedy the shortcomings of that very science" (86).
Christina Bieber Lake argues that works by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Walker Percy, Flannery O'Connor, Toni Morrison, George Saunders, Marilynne Robinson, Raymond Carver, James Tiptree, Jr.
THE LIFE OF THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC novelist and philosopher Walker Percy (1916-1990) dramatically illustrates the tensions of faith, reason, and science.
The scope of this study includes many authors from earlier periods, but the focus rests upon modern authors, most extensively Flannery O'Connor, Walker Percy, Doris Betts, Tim McLaurin, Ernest Gaines, Alice Walker, Randall Kenan, and Gaff Godwin.