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Tenders invited for Design, manufacturung, supply, installation and commissioning of high temperature automatic walking beam type sintering furnace operating at 1800 deg.
Caption: A rebuilt walking beam furnace discharges a slab onto rollers at ArcelorMittal's 80-inch hot strip mill.
In addition, on the GT-610 CNC, the parts are gantry fed from a walking beam step feeder, and the final ground parts are placed into a finished goods tray.
org), rope pulled the string of tools up and down as brought about by a spring pole or walking beam at the surface.
The company said that at the Raahe steel mill, liquefied natural gas (LNG) will replace the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the walking beam furnace in the strip mill and be used as a support fuel in the boiler of the new power plant.
In addition, the company will spend a double-digit million euro sum on a new walking beam system in the rail rolling mill in Donawitz.
With no modifications required, the new sensors suit tandem spring, single point, camelback, walking beam, and Chalmers suspension systems.
It is built for production with a heavy, box-frame construction, mechanical main drive and solid walking beam case transfer.
WE also had a call from David Batch of Great Ayton who told us that he thinks that one of the pictures is the construction of the walking beam furnace at Cargo Fleet.
The Rolling Line consists of a billets cutting saws, a Rotary Heart Furnace for billets with a diameter of 30 m, a cone-type cross roll piercer, five rolling passes with three rolls RMM, a walking beam reheating furnace, a sizing mill with up to 10 passes with three rolls, last stand positions with adjustable rolls, a cooling bed, a straightening machine and pipe cutting saws.
The camera system provides engineers and operators clear, high-resolution images of burner flames, refractory condition, and material alignment and movement inside walking beam, walking hearth, pusher furnaces, and also rotary hearth, annealing and other thermal treatment furnaces found in the steel and metal industries.
Walking beam conveyor is typically used when moving very heavy duty, durable product such as concrete blocks and bricks.