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A biogeographic region of Indonesia west of Wallace's Line, including Sulawesi, the Moluccas, and the Lesser Sundas.
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Operation Wallacea, a British conservation group, has set up a project to compare the conditions found on Banco Capiro with the 'typical' degraded reef systems nearby.
Finally, we thank Operation Wallacea for invaluable financial and logistical support, and the Western Illinois University Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Foundation for generous funding for this study.
Agradecemos a los trabajadores del PNCSF y el apoyo financiero y en equipamiento recibido del Fondo Global para Medioambiente, de la operacion WALLACEA en Cuba, de la Empresa para la Proteccion de la Flora y la Fauna, del Centro Nacional de Areas Protegidas de Cuba y del Centro de Investigaciones Marinas de la Universidad de La Habana.
Project details : Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) announced the start of development of the Ecosystem Profile for Wallacea, in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.
2013 The palaeogeography of Sundaland and Wallacea since the late Jurassic.
We will be working closely with other groups and students from around the world who are also going to be part of the expedition organised by Operation Wallacea.
Guided by school staff, experts from the University of Birmingham, conservation network Operation Wallacea, and former pupil Brett, the boys collected information on the wildlife through activities including bug hunting, deer tracking, pond dipping, bat detecting and moth trapping.
Por otra parte, los hallazgos registrados en la cueva de Jerimalai, en el archipielago de Wallacea (Indonesia), tambien sugieren el manejo temprano, hacia los 42.
A group of us are undertaking a two-week trip to Honduras with Operation Wallacea in July.