Wallerian degeneration

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Wal`le´ri`an de`gen`er`a´tion

1.(Med.) A form of degeneration occurring in nerve fibers as a result of their division; - so called from Dr. Waller, who published an account of it in 1850.
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Background: Wallerian degeneration (WD) of bilateral middle cerebellar peduncles (MCPs) can occur following pontine infarction, but its characteristics have not yet been clarified because of the low incidence.
Additionally, following injury in the peripheral nervous system (PNS), peripheral nerves undergo Wallerian degeneration and macrophages are recruited into the distal nerve pump [12].
This functional alteration could be associated with some degree of Wallerian degeneration of the internal white matter of the putamen.
The bird died, and postmortem findings included mild, nonsuppurative encephalitis and degenerative encephalopathy; lymphoplasmacytic myenteric ganglioneuritis (particularly of the proventriculus); and wallerian degeneration of the sciatic nerves.
2] participation in the process of early degradation of myelin in course of Wallerian degeneration of nerves in rats and mice [22,23] and in sciatic nerves of frogs [24].
It facts by destroying nerves and producing Wallerian degeneration without disruption of the schwann cell sheath.
These nerves also show Wallerian degeneration, which supports their role in the perpetuation of chronic pain syndrome.
13,14) This can occur when there is prolonged compression or traction of the nerve often leading to Wallerian degeneration of the nerve and signs of denervation distal to the lesion.
Histopathological changes including severities of Wallerian degeneration of sciatic nerve and gastrocnemius muscle atrophy were investigated by light microscopy.
The severity of axonal damage may vary from reversible functional impairment of nodal axolemma to complete axonal damage with subsequent Wallerian degeneration.