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A French-speaking region of southern Belgium. It was granted limited autonomy in 1980. Although the traditional language of the region is Walloon, French is now the everyday language of most of the population.
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Instead, we're here to visit the luscious green fields of the Wallonia countryside (a region in the predominantly French-speaking south, of which Namur is the capital) where some trend-setting vineyards lie.
For his part, Andre Antoine reaffirmed the will of the Walloon region to support Tunisia and its people, underlining the need to implement the cooperation agreement between Tunisia and Wallonia in 2015, through the organisation of meetings and conferences between Tunisian MPs and Francophone MPs.
The Wallonia region of Belgium, where Volition's R&D activities are based, has strong economic links with Texas.
Trudeau had been due to sign it on Thursday, but was forced to cancel his flight when Belgium couldn't sign on because of opposition from the Wallonia region.
The EU-Canada summit was to be held on Thursday 27 October but was cancelled due to opposition to CETA by the French-speaking regional government of Wallonia in Belgium.
Some argue that the concessions won by Wallonia - which include a demand that the EU's top court check the legality of a system to settle disputes between firms and governments - represent more of a symbolic victory, without changing the substance of CETA.
All 28 EU governments back CETA, which supporters say could increase trade by 20 percent, but Belgium's central government had been prevented from giving its consent because of objections led by the French-speaking Wallonia region.
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel was able to announce the agreement following days of negotiations with the region of Wallonia.
Europe has learned that Wallonia, a French-speaking region of just 3.
com/articles/176959/Walloon+Government+Blocks+CETA"> resistance of the French-speaking region of Wallonia against the free-trade agreement between the 28 member-states of the EU and Canada (CETA).
Prime Minister Charles Michel explains that Belgium cannot sign a key EU trade deal with Canada because of objections led by the Wallonia region
The Belgian region of Wallonia has stood in the way of the CETA accord, short for Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.