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v. i.1.To roll; to spout; to boil up.
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He credited Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond and WaLmart for having highly functional sites and Macy's and Walm art for having the most aggressive strategies for online.
He is recognized for helping Walm art's expansion in to Latin America through a series of senior roles within company operations in Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.
Somehow, these patterns fit easily into the buildings simple yet popular programme of activities, with the entrance and cafe area being particularly walm and welcoming, though the quality of finishes permeated the whole building.
Die agterdeur was halfoop maar jy het voorom geloop om in te gaan, jy het geklop en gewag en toe die knop gedraai en die deur oopgestoot, jou asem ingetrek en opgehou toe die walm jou slaan, van vrot pis, van opgooi, van ou soet drank, van ongewaste menselywe.
Highsmith's protagonist is a c Walm character whose psychotic tendencies slowly reveal themselves.
His ordeal began when he pulled up at traffic lights on Walm Lane, west London, shortly before 8pm on Friday.
SUSHI-SAY 33b Walm Lane, NW2 (020 8459 2971) Willesden Green tube.
THE Walms Well spring in Malvern is the oldest in the area and is believed to date back to 250BC.