Walpurgis Night

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Wal·pur·gis Night

a. The eve of May Day, observed in some European countries and in some Scandinavian communities in the United States in celebration of spring and marked by music, singing, and bonfires.
b. The eve of Beltane, believed by medieval Christians to be the occasion of a witches' Sabbath.
2. An episode or a situation having the quality of nightmarish wildness.

[Partial translation of German Walpurgisnacht : Walpurgis, Saint Walpurga (died 779) + Nacht, night.]

Walpurgis Night

(Alternative Belief Systems) the eve of May 1, believed in German folklore to be the night of a witches' sabbath on the Brocken, in the Harz Mountains
[C19: translation of German Walpurgisnacht, the eve of the feast day of St Walpurga, 8th-century abbess in Germany]

Wal•pur′gis Night′

(vɑlˈpʊər gɪs)
(in German folklore and literature) the evening preceding the 1st of May, when a witches' Sabbath was held on the Brocken.
German, Wal•pur•gis•nacht (vɑlˈpʊr gɪsˌnɑxt)
[after St. Walpurgis (c710–780), Anglo-Saxon abbess in Germany, whose relics were enshrined on May 1]
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Noun1.Walpurgis Night - eve of May Day
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
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But I did ditch the pointy black hat for furry ear muffs as I arrived a little early for Walpurgis Night on April 30, when the summit was still capped in winter's white stuff.
Indeed, women celebrate the night before May 1, Walpurgis night, in a reenacted witch-event following a long and legendary tradition.
28) Walpurgis Night is named for Saint Walpurga, an early missionary to Germany who was born in Devon about the year 710.
May Day is related to the Celtic festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night.
The programme they are bringing to the Theatre Royal (subject to alteration) includes Les Sylphides/Pas de Deux/Pas de Quatre and Walpurgis Night.
The concert opened with the orchestra playing the composer's fourth symphony, the "Italian," and ended with the festival orchestra and chorus performing Mendelssohn's "The First Walpurgis Night.
BELTANE/ WALPURGIS NIGHT 1789: George Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the United States of America.
What is the date of Walpurgis Night, or the witches' sabbath?
The area is steeped in folklore and is the centre of Germany's Walpurgis Night celebrations.
Just before Clavdia seduces Hans, amidst the enchantment of Walpurgis Night, she proclaims (during their intimate conversation in French, the language of love) Lou's cardinal principle: "I love liberty above everything else and especially the freedom to choose where I live.
April Fool's Day, National Kite Month and Walpurgis Night are just a few of the listed tie-ins.
Varone made the most of it all, nonetheless, and since he had dancers, he restored the usually deleted Walpurgis Night ballet near the end.