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Noun1.Walter Reed - United States physician who proved that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes (1851-1902)
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Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the nation's largest military treatment facility, faced a major challenge maintaining its reputation for excellence: how to modernize the aging system used to manage hours for a nursing staff of more than 7,000 without adversely affecting patient care for more than 1 million beneficiaries each year.
Today, Mayor Bowser broke ground on The Parks at Walter Reed, a redevelopment project that will create 3.
Blanchard also has served as a research scientist at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and as assistant chief of critical care medicine and staff intensivist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
When the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) cased its colors on July 27, 2011, the impact was a cessation of operations of the many tenant units associated with the WRAMC.
WASHINGTON * Walter Reed Military Medical Center is backtracking on a Sept.
AFTER more than a century of providing comprehensive health care to active and retired servicemembers and their families, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington has officially closed its doors.
A 21-year old Airman severely wounded in Afghanistan is recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center after several surgeries and an unprecedented transplant.
There was his troubling presentation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Islam and the U.
On my trip to Washington, DC with CDS Gen Walt Natynczyk, I had the opportunity to visit the US Army's Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
He was one of many men and women wheeled from surgery to therapy to their rooms and back again, in a circle of hope and pain on Ward 57 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Josh Sanders, who served in Iraq, describing mental health treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
The common perception of Walter Reed is of a surgical hospital that shines as the crown jewel of military medicine.