Walvis Bay

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Wal·vis Bay

A port of western Namibia, on Walvis Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Walvis Bay and the surrounding area constituted an exclave of South Africa until passing to Namibia in 1994.

Walvis Bay

(ˈwɔːlvɪs) or

Walfish Bay

(Placename) a port in Namibia, on the Atlantic: formed an exclave of South Africa, covering an area of 1124 sq km (434 sq miles) with its hinterland, but has been administered by Namibia since 1992; formally returned to Namibia in 1994; chief port of Namibia and rich fishing centre. Pop: 40 849 (2001)

Wal′vis Bay′

(ˈwɔl vɪs)
1. an inlet of the S Atlantic Ocean, on the coast of Namibia, in SW Africa.
2. a seaport on this inlet.
3. an exclave of the Republic of South Africa around this seaport. 42,234; 434 sq. mi. (1124 sq. km).
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The upgrading is particularly important because it will involve a direct linkage to Walvis Bay Port, and therefore will speed the passage of goods to and from the port into Namibia and beyond into other Southern African Development Community countries.
The African Development Bank has announced it will offer a Rand 2bn ($US 167m) loan to the Namibian government to fund upgrading of TransNamibs Kranzberg - Walvis Bay line, along with the project to build a new highway between the capital Windhoek and the citys airport.
The Walvis Bay Corridor Group has appointed three new board members, of which two are women.
The letter describes a meeting that was being planned for late March in which a delegation from China would visit to discuss construction of a People's Liberation Army naval base in Namibia's Walvis Bay that would be home to as many as six Chinese warships.
They ran from the southwest African country's Luderitz, crossing the highest sand dunes on Earth, including the infamous Devil's Workshop, before arriving in Walvis Bay this week.
This week his employer, Kraatz in Walvis Bay honoured him for a 40-year career that started with cleaning and eventually took him to a technical position as lathe operator and turner.
The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) and Namibia have signed a US$338 million pact for a sovereign guaranteed loan for Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) to finance the construction of a container terminal at Walvis Bay New Port.
Walvis Bay has also been found a decent opportunity in Leicester's feature race.
The main concern with Walvis Bay (14) is that he'll get caught up in the initial skirmishes for the lead.
The pair have rented every room at the Burning Shore beach lodge in Langstrand, Walvis Bay, costing pounds 20,000.
By using existing and planned rail, road and airlinks to Mafikeng, companies would also be able to benefit from Walvis Bay Harbour's (Namibia) shorter turnaround times than those of Durban, said the consortium.