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v. i.1.To wane.
a.1.Waning or diminished in some parts; not of uniform size throughout; - said especially of sawed boards or timber when tapering or uneven, from being cut too near the outside of the log.
2.Spoiled by wet; - said of timber.
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We wany to Evidence shows the earlier you receive these, the better your chance of living well for longer.
On behalf of the three Commissioners, Cde Simon Hoth Duol, Cde Wany Juet Jok and I, wish to assure the entire Lou Nuer Citizens across the globe that we remain committed to the course of our movement under the leadership of Dr.
One of those who died in the crash - tour guide Wany Qinghou - had been due to get married this weekend.
While the biological processes provide a low-cost, environmentally benign, and efficient alternative for the treatment of dye wastewater, wany species of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, microorganisms and algae are able to decolorize various kinds of textile dyes under certain environmental conditions.
5 km al S de Wany, costado oeste del cerro, 13[grados]30'20" N, 84[grados]45'25" W, bosque humedo tropical, 28 oct 1982, A.
In the 3rd round, "A'Shahiniyah" owned by Malik bin Wany al-A'mri came first.
The round-edge or wany part of the cant was used to assess the mean specific gravity (reported as the ovendry weight--to--green volume ratio) as well as the MC of both sapwood and heartwood at the time of transformation.
If you wany to be on the list for the next soil improver giveaway, contact the Waste Management Section at Isle of Anglesey County Council on waste@anglesey.
17) Padayatty SJ, Doppman JL, Chang R, Wany Y, Gill J, Papanicolaou DA, Levine M.