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n.1.(Naut.) A fair-leader.
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Onvia DemandStar can help local government get more value for Wisconsin taxpayers," said Linda Dupuis, WAPP president and purchasing manager for the city of Green Bay.
As by far the biggest economic power in the region, Nigeria would have been expected to take the lead on the development of the WAPP and many other strands of regional integration, yet it has been absorbed by its own domestic problems for many years.
The enhanced Wide Area Probe Polish (WAPP), TEL's solution for on-line cleaning of probe cards, has an increased cleaning area and greater Z force specification than the standard WAPP.
However, once new power plants have been developed to make the most of WAGP gas, and cross-border gas trading has become a reality, it seems likely that more momentum will build up behind the development of the WAPP.