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Noun1.War Admiral - thoroughbred that won the triple crown in 1937
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WHAT: One of the greatest moments in sporting history will be brought back to life when the legendary 1938 Pimlico Special match race between thoroughbred race horses Seabiscuit and War Admiral is re-enacted at Pimlico Race Course.
stand-in jockey who guided Seabiscuit to the film's climactic victory over War Admiral in a $100,000 match.
1 -- color) Seabiscuit and jockey George Woolf lead War Admiral in the first turn of their match race at Pimlico in Baltimore, Md.
The two-disc Seabiscuit gift set includes the above bonus features as well as extensive interviews with the cast, rare archival material, and more behind-the-scenes background including the 1938 match race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral and two highly-acclaimed specials, the critically-lauded "The True Story of Seabiscuit" and HBO's First Look.
Name the year in which (a) Seabiscuit and War Admiral met in their celebrated match at Pimlico; (b) Steve Cauthen rode his first British Classic winner; (c)The Sporting Life closed.
They said that War Admiral couldn't be beat and shouldn't have to run a race against the likes of Seabiscuit,'' McClintock said in a written statement.
It was the first time a Derby trophy had been on offer since the one earned by 1937 Triple Crown winner War Admiral was auctioned.
Bowen is a respected racing historian whose previous works include biographies of Man o' War and War Admiral as well as "Matriarchs: Great Mares of the 20th Century" and "Dynasties: Great Thoroughbred Stallions.
What it is: OK, so there's real newsreel footage of the Santa Anita Handicap wins and the match race against War Admiral.
Latest bright, shiny item of value on display at the esteemed Huntington Library in San Marino: the silver-plated right front horseshoe that Seabiscuit actually wore in his match-race victory over War Admiral.
The 1938 winner War Admiral, Whirlaway (1942) and Affirmed (1979) won it as four-year-olds.
The Special, inaugurated in 1937, was won the following year by the legendary Seabiscuit from triple crown winner War Admiral.