War field

a field of war or battle.
- Schoolcraft.

See also: War

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These systems aid in the war field scenario by providing with better visibility, tracking and targeting enemy locations.
For instance, from June 2011 to December 2012, Red Cross and the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) evacuated wounded people from the war field to areas where they could access medical services, including Bor civil hospital.
One letter to a curator in the First World War field contains a list of ammunition to collect:
THE Crimson Field, BBC1's drama series set in a First World War field hospital, reaches its conclusion tomorrow night.
Subsequently, the SBS fought in Greece, Yugoslavia and Italy, and at the end of the war Field Marshal Alexander, Supreme Allied Commander in the Mediterranean, told the SBS: 'The reputation you have made for yourselves in your successful operations in the Mediterranean, the Aegean Islands and the Adriatic coast will never be surpassed, and I would wish you all good luck and God speed wherever you may go'.
Liaqat Baloch said that a military dictator dragging 180 million people into the war field martyred 47 thousand military men and civilians while gave 95 billion dollars loss to economy of the country, but America still wants Pak Army to remain bogged in the mire of operation.
Jumblatt said that any participation, by a Lebanese side, in the Syrian war field would entail Lebanon bad repercussions.
The network added that the US, and whoever follow its lead, only sees through the prism of its policy in the region, adding that the sanctions are better imposed on the US in light of its war on Iraq which the US turned into a war field that spared no one, not even women, men, children, not to mention its war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Stotik's most recent outing at Laura Russo Gallery included his normal retinue of cursed subjects: marred faces; headless men standing against toxic skies; strange, industrial interiors inhabited by veiled workers; bones on a war field.
Dimond Redding, former Vietnam War field nurse, moves to St.
Through the centuries, as Dr Eliza Hawksmith in Jack the Ripper's London and as nurse Elise Hawksmith finding true love in a First World War field hospital at the battle of Passchendaele, Bess works her healing ways.
A mock First World War field hospital in Victoria Square will be among the attractions next Saturday and Sunday.