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n. pl. Warlpiri or Warl·pi·ris
1. A member of a traditionally nomadic Aboriginal people of north-central and central Australia.
2. The Pama-Nyungan language of this people, known for its relatively free word order.

[Warlpiri, ethnic self-designation.]


(Languages) an Aboriginal language of central Australia
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Noun1.Warlpiri - a language of Australian aboriginesWarlpiri - a language of Australian aborigines
Aboriginal Australian, Australian - the Austronesian languages spoken by Australian aborigines
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Sorry Business is Yapa way: Warlpiri Mortality Rituals as embodied practice.
The Tanami mining operation is on Aboriginal Freehold Land (Newmont, 2012c; Northern Territory Government, 2009) held by the Warlpiri people.
The new language looks likely to survive, so if your travels ever take you to Lajamanu, you might want to learn a word or two of Light Warlpiri.
This is a Water Dreaming painting, being concerned with two creation beings who summoned the rain by singing until a great thunderstorm arrived to create large underground wells that would feed the springs and sustain the Warlpiri people.
The conservation zone is viewed as a boon for the local wildlife as well as Australia's Aboriginal Warlpiri people, who are native to the region and will have more authority over how the land is used and allow them to carry on their cultural traditions.
Warlukurlangu means "belonging to fire" in the aboriginal language of Warlpiri, and is named after a Fire Dreaming west of the region of Yuendumu.
Some languages have only one series of basic locative cases (locative, ablative, allative, like Warlpiri or Basque), others have two or up to seven series, for different locations, like Uralic and Caucasian languages, leading to rich case systems.
When Harry and I went to Central Australia, we met linguists in the Tanami desert who sat down with Warlpiri people to compile a dictionary.
Warlukurlangu means "belonging to fire" in the local language, Warlpiri and the artists cooperative is an important stronghold of traditional Warlpiri culture and an essential part of Yuendumu's community life, representing both the social and cultural 'hub' of the community.
Nor do I seek to sign up to the growing white Australian sport of claiming a Warlpiri, Pintupi, Pitjantjatjara or Noongar great-grandmother in my heritage.
Using field research conducted with Warlpiri Aboriginal communities over about 20 years, Biddle (anthropology, Macquarie U.
She begins with an anecdote from a road trip she made with Warlpiri women across north Australia (no date given).