warp knitting

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warp′ knit`ting

a process in which yarn is knitted vertically in a flat form. Compare weft knitting.
warp′-knit`ted, adj.
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Tenders are invited for Raschel warp knitting machine
A circular knitting machine's output is around ten to twenty times that of a flat knitting machine and a warp knitting machine needs several warp beams to produce the patterns required for shoe upper material.
29 August 2013 - US diversified technology and industrial group Johnson Controls Inc (NYSE:JCI) said it would create a new fabrics joint venture in China with local warp knitting specialist Zhejiang Wanfang New Materials Co Ltd, without disclosing financial terms.
In the last ten years, innovative warp knitting developments by leading European mills have led to durable, lightweight, highly breathable knit CORDURA[R] AFT fabric solutions being provided particularly for footwear manufacturers.
The company founded in 1937 in the Hessian Obertshausen region (about 30 km east of Frankfurt) is the leading manufacturer of warp knitting and.
Sherwood said the buyer would make more than half the operation's 63 staff redundant, although the Colwick plant would continue to serve local warp knitting producers.
KARL MAYER, the world leader and a trendsetter in the production of warp knitting and warp preparation machines is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2017.
In addition, the new lines can be combined with other technologies at STFI such as hydroentangling or warp knitting, opening opportunities to enhance existing products as well as developing completely new ones.
The exhibits from the Warp Knitting Business Unit - a HKS 3-M in a working width of 210 inches, a brand-new Jacquard Raschel machine, a MJ 52/1 S and a RD 7 EN - will be showing their skills while producing stylish, functional fabrics for outerwear and sportswear.
Swiss company Crealet has displayed a vast range of innovative solutions like warp thread feeding; narrow and wide weaving machines and warp knitting machines.
Fixing threads are arranged to join the warp and weft threads, and are applied by warp knitting them to the form thread meshes.