Warped surface

(Geom.) a surface generated by a straight line moving so that no two of its consecutive positions shall be in the same plane.
- Davies & Peck.

See also: Warp

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Thus borrowable by the same characters who equally calmly borrowed pediments and capitals from history and who nowadays find themselves lifting little bits of warped surface from the digital world--all to be draped around the predictable shed-and-corridor.
Assume the obtained matrices be in the size of m' x n' (m' [greater than or equal to] m, n' [greater than or equal to] n), the following magnitude comparison is conducted based on the warped surfaces data [Z'.
If you feel deep grooves or uneven and warped surfaces, you need to replace the rotor(s), as well.
There are softer, more traditionally atmospheric kinds of experience on offer in Schlesinger's recent work as well--particularly in those pieces in which unstretched canvas has been stiffened through being impregnated with acrylic, creating oddly warped surfaces that float freely before the wall (Red Rovin', 2003, Blue Jean Baby, 2003).
The warped surfaces of the interior walls mask the blue-collar beams and columns anonymously putting in their 40 hours.
Solid body healing helps users repair imprecise imported model geometry and solve common problems, such as missing and duplicate surfaces, bad or warped surfaces, and self-intersecting surfaces as well as low-tolerance models.