Warrant of attorney

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(Law) written authority given by one person to another empowering him to transact business for him; specifically, written authority given by a client to his attorney to appear for him in court, and to suffer judgment to pass against him by confession in favor of some specified person.

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The costs are quite safe, for he's a steady man with a large family, at a salary of five-and-twenty shillings a week, and if he gives us a warrant of attorney, as he must in the end, I know his employers will see it paid; so we may as well get all we can get out of him, Mr.
Mohammed bin Ibrahim al-Zadjali, Chairman of the Omani Lawyers Association , and Head of Majlis AShuras Legislative and Legal Committee explained that this conference, which will host a group of lawyers and legal experts from within and outside the Sultanate ,will highlight aspects of the evolving relationship and the implications of the Warrant of Attorney that are given by clients to lawyers, as well as discussingthe shortcomings and disadvantages of Warrant of Attorneyand the problems created when it is put into real application.