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 (wŏsh′ĭ-tîr′ē-ə, wô′shĭ-)
A laundromat.




US a launderette
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Most reliable cleaners in town, providing a clean and air conditioned facility to either drop off your clothes, linen, drapes & whatever else for cleaning, or do it yourself at the washateria in comfort.
The child was reportedly trapped in the washing machine on high speed for several minutes at the Le's Washateria at about 6:15 p.
Another spent last Thanksgiving at a 24-hour washateria because she and her disabled husband had nowhere else to go.
A washateria is a community laundry and shower facility found in villages without running water.
com)-- Combined Group, a wholesaler of commercial insurance based in Dallas, Texas has released a new exclusive insurance program available for drycleaners, drycleaner plants, drycleaner receiving stations, commercial launderers, linen suppliers, uniform rental firms, coin-operated laundromats, self-service laundromats & washaterias.