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Noun1.Washington Irving - United States writer remembered for his stories (1783-1859)Washington Irving - United States writer remembered for his stories (1783-1859)
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History is known, to my young remembrance of that library, by a History of the United States, whose dust and ashes I hardly made my way through; and by a 'Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada', by the ever dear and precious Fray Antonio Agapida, whom I was long in making out to be one and the same as Washington Irving.
That these visitors, too, whatever their station, were not without some refinement of taste and appreciation of intellectual gifts, and gratitude to those men who, by the peaceful exercise of great abilities, shed new charms and associations upon the homes of their countrymen, and elevate their character in other lands, was most earnestly testified by their reception of Washington Irving, my dear friend, who had recently been appointed Minister at the court of Spain, and who was among them that night, in his new character, for the first and last time before going abroad.
1820) by New York City writer James Kirke Paulding(1778-1860), emulating an earlier series by Washington Irving and others; Cooke = probably Thomas Potter Cooke (1786-1864), a noted English actor; Bonaparte = Napoleon Bonaparte died on St.
Natalie Tuma, 18, is a senior at Washington Irving High School in New York City.
The noted author is Washington Irving, who was an early U.
Selections come from the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, Christina Rossetti, and Mark Twain.
Accepting the usual depiction of New York as "the ultimate capitalist city," Page does not tell a facile story about how the rich always get their way in the town where Washington Irving coined the phrase "the almighty dollar.
This impulse is true of Washington Irving, who cannot be easily categorized as a servant of empire, though he may share the overall "Western" sense of superiority.
The Catskills landscape is a pastoral ideal and a natural water purification system, and has been ever since Washington Irving penned the tale of the slumbering Rip Van Winkle.
Postwar Greece was gloriously described by Patrick Leigh Fermor and Lawrence Durrell, to name but two, and an American master of this genre in the past was Washington Irving with his Alhambra.
The fiction of Washington Irving, one of the earliest, if not the earliest, successful author in the early United States, contains references to the American Revolution.
When the American writer, Washington Irving came to England in the early nineteenth century he was fascinated by the older Christmas celebrations that were dying away and set himself the task of recording a vanishing world.

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