Washita River

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Wash·i·ta River

 (wŏsh′ĭ-tô′, wô′shĭ-)
A river rising in northwest Texas and flowing about 480 km (300 mi) generally east-southeast across Oklahoma to the Red River.
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Kansas, and what is now Montana, including the massacres at Sand Creek and the Washita River, before culminating on a beautiful June 1876 day on the Little Bighorn River.
We released 250 turtles into pools adjacent to the Washita River in Johnston, Bryan, and Marshall counties, Oklahoma.
Custer and his 7th Cavalry rode into a Southern Cheyenne village on the Washita River in modern Oklahoma.
18) to Custer's attack on the Cheyenne camped along the Washita River and assigns the date of 1869.
Neal Little Washita River, Texas 1870 John Kelly Upper Washita, Texas 1874 John Mitchell Upper Washita, Texas 1874 Zachariah Woodall Washita River, Texas 1874 Michael McGann Rosebud River, Montana 1876 Henry Wilkens Little Muddy Creek, Montana 1877 Camas Meadow, Idaho Milden H.
The Washita River in Oklahoma, the Sava River in Yugoslavia, and the Hudson River in New York are named in the poem as the sites of battles that determined "the bloody map of monstrous boundaries.
Tony put me in a strip of cottonwoods that snaked along either side of the Washita River with instructions to be on the lookout for several good bucks known to frequent the area, and one in particular.
ARS experts have been studying soil and water conservation in Oklahoma's Little Washita River Experimental Watershed--one of the largest and best monitored experimental watersheds--for decades.
Under direct orders from Sheridan, General George Custer led his army battalion in a surprise attack on the sleeping villages of Cheyenne, Arapahoe and other groups camped along the Washita River in what is now Oklahoma.
One summer day, down on the sandy banks of the Washita River, Billy and Betty Ann become more than friends and their lives are irreversibly changed.
The study area included the Canadian River and the Washita River drainages in Hemphill County, the North Fork of the Red River and Sweetwater Creek in Wheeler County, and portions of Lelia Lake Creek and the Salt Fork of the Red River in Donely County (Fig.
In September of the same year, Dixon and five other scouts were engaged by about 100 Indian warriors between Gageby Creek and the Washita River in Hempihill County, Texas.